Problem Solving People


Problems are everywhere. They are easy to detect because they impact our well-being.Listen to people talk and problems seem to form the basis of conversation everywhere. They impact every aspect of our lives. From individual health, education, work, security, environment, and global politics.

Regardless of whether we like it not, problems are important! Our success as a species depends on our ability to overcome our common obstacles. But here's the thing. Look again at the world around you. Do you notice something?

People are not Problem Solving!!

Life in a Modern Society

  • Modern societies tend to organise around money and business.
  • These organisations are focused on generating profit.
  • Profit is created increasing demand for products & services.
  • People's identities are increasingly linked to their roles in organisations.
  • Collectively - WE are not focused on solving problems.

But there is an opportunity to change it. How? 

Evolution of a Problem Solving Species

One solution is to embrace problem solving. And put problem solving at the heart of everything we do.

IF we adopt this approach we might evolve into a true problem solving species. We become Bumpivores!

Bumpivores. Generation Next?

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