Problem Solving People

What are BUMPS

BUMPS is a term used to describe obstacles that impact human well-being or evolution. It is both a metaphor and an acronym. As an acronym it stands for Big Unsolved Meaningful Problems worth Solving™.

As a metaphor it describes common obstacles, issues, or challenges. So BUMPS represent complex adaptive problems. The more people affected the bigger the BUMPS.

BUMPS never exist in isolation. When one is overcome another emerges.

What are Bumpivores

Bumpivores are people motivated to solve problems that impact human well-being and growth.

Herbivores devour plants, Carnivores devour meat. Bumpivores devour BUMPS™.

Complex Problems = Brain Food for Bumpivores

Advancing the Human Race

For Bumpivores the human race defines our evolutionary journey. A journey that maps our progress through a complex obstacle course. Every obstacle we overcome creates a stepping stone. Each one a new foundation upon which later generations can build upon the progress of the past. This is how we advance, generation by generation.


We are each unique and valuable to our species. We advance by overcoming common obstacles that limit our progress. These are best addressed by working together. As our horizon expands we discover an endless supply of ever more complex problems.


We are uncovering better ways of problem solving by doing it and helping others do it. Through this journey we have come to value:

  1. Expanding horizons over remaining within boundaries
  2. Embracing change over accepting the status quo 
  3. Addressing needs over indulging wasteful wants 
  4. Healthy collaboration over unhealthy competition
  5. Problem solving over profit making

Vision and Direction

Bumpivores thrive by devouring BUMPS. But overcoming BUMPS requires collective action by a diverse set of Bumpivores. To thrive they form a network of problem solving organisations (PSOs).  This network is distinguishable by its purpose, strength, and achievements. It will be effective in delivering well-being and growth for all its participants.

The vision is a problem solving network that delivers well-being and growth for all.


Bumponomics™ is a decision making framework that promotes growth through meaningful problem solving.  Bumpivores recognise that consuming BUMPS costs valuable time, energy, and resources. Bumponomics theory seeks to create conditions that deliver an evolutionary stable strategy. A strategy that helps Bumpivores everywhere operate and collaborate to their mutual benefit.

Bumpivores. Devouring BUMPS one LUMP at a time.

Are you a Bumpivore

Does solving problems give you a buzz? Do you feel hungry for problems? Are you attempting to devour a Big Unsolved Meaningful Problem worth Solving? Then maybe you are a Bumpivore. If so we would like to hear from you. Please contact us

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